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During my campaign for the Assembly in 2018, I hosted 239 house parties across our District. I wanted to hear directly from a wide range of people about the issues that mattered most to them, so that as soon as I got to Sacramento, I could fight for change on the most urgent issues our community faces. 

Though California faces a wide range of issues — all of which I discussed with folks at the house parties — every discussion was rooted in the fundamental values we share: inclusion, equity, celebrating our diversity, and lifting up our communities who too often get left behind. Our East Bay community has treasured those progressive values and led California forward for decades — leading the nation forward in turn. 

California and our world has changed greatly over the course of my first term, as COVID-19 has threatened the health and safety of communities everywhere. Our Legislature’s priorities shifted to stem the bleeding and chart a path forward — as they should. But even in this chaotic and uncertain time, our shared values still apply, and I believe they will lead us out of this crisis.

As an Assemblymember, I stand by those fundamental progressive values we all share, as I fight for solutions to the most urgent issues I heard about in living rooms and backyards across our community.

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Housing and homelessness

Our affordable housing and homelessness crisis is sprawling, and fighting it means tackling it from all angles -- protecting the stock of affordable housing we have, creating new affordable housing, and keeping current homeowners and renters in their homes.

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Standing up for working families

Delivering on our shared progressive values means ensuring no one has to work more than one full-time job to stay afloat, that women get equal pay for equal work, and that new parents can take care of a newborn without risking financial catastrophe.

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Standing up for consumers

I arrived in Sacramento ready to fight for those who have the deck stacked against them -- so I dove in headfirst, and, in my first month on the job introduced legislation taking on Amazon, the world’s largest corporation.

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Gun violence prevention

Gun violence is an issue that has tragically hurt so many families in our community here in Assembly District 15. It’s a multifaceted problem  that is connected to so many others -- including income inequality, education equity, widespread hunger, a lack of corporate accountability, and so much more. 

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Buffy Wicks for Assembly 2024. FPPC #1456909