BERKELEYSIDE: Buffy Wicks is the best AD 15 candidate to help solve our housing crisis

Apr 30, 2018 | Blog, In the News

“Buffy Wicks understands rent stabilization is the only thing that stands between many families and the terrifying prospect of untenable rent hikes or even losing their homes.

Solving the housing crisis will require pragmatic solutions that involve all stakeholders…

…As Berkeleyans, we hope we can have a conversation about solving the housing crisis that includes all stakeholders — tenants, developers, aspiring homeowners, landlords, local and state policy makers — to come up with pragmatic solutions to spur the creation of desperately needed new housing while simultaneously helping low and middle income renters stay in their homes. We’re confident Buffy Wicks is the best candidate to help lead this conversation and that’s why we are supporting her candidacy for the AD 15 Assembly seat.”

Buffy Wicks Assemblymember Logo

Buffy Wicks for Assembly 2022. FPPC # 1434997