SAN FRANCISCO CHRONICLE: An army for kids: SF nonprofit vows to boost their clout

Jun 22, 2016 | In the News

The Common Sense Kid Campaign plans to raise and spend up to $3 million this year and between $10 million and $15 million over the next five years to mass that army of advocates in California. Formed under the Common Sense Kids Action advocacy arm, the campaign will be nonpartisan — “kid-partisan,” Steyer insists — and doesn’t plan on getting involved in candidate races.

Another advantage that this effort will have over other children advocacy groups is that it will be staffed by A-list political talent. It includes Buffy Wicks, a former top campaign and White House adviser to President Obama, who will direct the California campaign; Joel Benenson, Hillary Clinton’s pollster and campaign strategist; and Liz Lowery, a former deputy national finance director for Obama for America.


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